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Heat transfer coater
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  • Name:3200 heat transfer coater
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  • Product introduction:

      Technical parameters of 3200 thermal sublimation paper coater:



      Performance and characteristics of 3200 thermal sublimation paper coater:

      1. The whole machine is controlled by variable frequency motor, and the tension of the whole machine (unwinding, drying and winding) is automatically controlled by PLC system. The stability and reliability of the tension of the whole machine are improved through man-machine interface touch screen control and display.

      2. The paper placing rack is in the form of electric disc type, turnover double station, automatic paper receiving type, and adopts frequency conversion automatic control.

      3. Air knife coating method: firstly, the material is loaded by the belt roller, and then quantitatively coated by the air knife backrest roller.

      4. It can also be coated by the back roll scraper, which is fed by the belt roller first, and then scraped quantitatively by the scraper back roll.

      5. The oven is 26m, with independent temperature control in 6 sections. It can be heated by steam or natural gas direct combustion. The hot air enters the drying system and the adjustable internal circulation suction and exhaust device. The air inlet and exhaust force is strong, and the moisture exhaust device has uniform air distribution and thorough drying.

      6. The guide wheel in the oven is actively synchronized with the host, and the transmission is synchronous belt wheel transmission, which reduces material tension and deformation. The air cylinder open top oven and paper threading operation platform make it easy for operators to work.

      7. The synchronous tension control adopts floating swing arm type and is automatically controlled by PLC frequency conversion

      8. Automatic meter and speed counting control device by PLC, etc

      9. Automatic frequency conversion is adopted for deviation correction, so as to ensure the orderly winding of materials.

      10. Key type inflatable shaft is used for retraction and release, so as to facilitate loading and unloading operation.

      11. High precision s-roll traction device. The cooling of steel roll adopts water circulation type. The paper is smoother and more cooling effect is achieved through the cooling roll.

      12. The paper receiving rack is horizontally pasted with steel roll paper or disc type central roll paper.

      4、 The machine is specially customized according to different requirements of customers, and the following functions can be selected:

      A. The limited width range is 300-3200mm, which can be selected

      B. The forms of retracting and releasing racks are: electric turnover double station, electric turnover wheel disc double station, etc. for customers to choose

      C. The heating methods of the oven are: steam heating, natural gas direct combustion heating, electric heating, heat transfer oil furnace heating, hot blast furnace heating, etc. for customers to choose

      D. The coating methods are: slope flow coating, air knife coating, scraper coating, anilox roll coating, three roll coating, five roll coating, micro concave coating, slit coating, Mel rod transfer coating, stainless steel wire transfer coating, back roll scraper coating, etc

      E. The working speed is directly proportional to the material, coating thickness, oven length and drying temperature of the coating

      5、 Process flow

      Automatic paper receiving and unwinding of substrate -- coating unit -- drying unit -- traction unit -- automatic paper receiving winder

      Application and application fields of 3200 thermal sublimation paper coater:

      The machine is integrated by introducing foreign exquisite coater technology and many years of experience in producing coater. This machine adopts several coating functions for the production of various coating products such as special paper.